Viissi is an online contributors platform where articles and blogs related to sustainable development are published. Our name, Viissi, is inspired by the indigenous Arctic Sami language and means ‘wisdom.’ We found wisdom to be an appropriate name as we seek to make ideas, facts and educated opinions available and accessible to the general public in order to provoke dialogue and inspire meaningful change everywhere.

Viissi is, at this point in time, not based in any country and is an expanding international network consisting of people with a keen interest in the fields of sustainability and development.

Importantly, our approach is rational, pragmatic and fact-based.


To promote sustainable environmental, economic and societal development globally by making facts, ideas and educated opinions available and accessible to the general public.


Our vision is to make facts, ideas, and educated opinions available and accessible to the general public in order to provoke dialogue and to inspire meaningful change everywhere. We are committed to offering a holistic view of sustainable development utilizing a rational, pragmatic, and fact-based approach to the many issues at hand. Particularly, we strive to address topics that deserve more attention.

The goal is that the reader will be able to broaden his or her view of a certain issue; learn about the integrated nature of that issue in relation to other issues, while simultaneously empower and inspire the individual or group to engage and to take action in whichever capacity suits him or her.


It is important to define our interpretation of the term sustainable development. The reason this is necessary is due to the fact that no legal definition of sustainable development exists, and as such, there are several different interpretations of the term.

The Brundtland Commission first introduced sustainable development as a concept in 1987 and defined it as, “development which meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” There are three key elements (or ‘pillars’) in this definition, namely (1) the environment, (2) the economy and (3) the society, as economic and societal development are to a large extent dependent upon the natural resource base of a country and, thus, the environment. The discussion concerns whether or not a hierarchy exists between these three pillars, and at Viissi, we believe that both economic and societal development should only take place within the boundaries of what the environment permits. In the academic literature, this point of view is known as ‘strong sustainability.’

In a global context, we believe that every single country on the planet has the obligation and the responsibility to pursue sustainable economic and societal development. With that said, we also take into account the principle of common but differentiated responsibility (CBDR) where responsibility is proportionately distributed between countries based on their (1) ability to pursue sustainability and their (2) historical development in terms of emission. Consequently, based on CBDR, the heaviest burden undeniably lies in those countries with high historical emission rates and with the ability to pursue sustainability.


We see contributing as a win-win situation. Viissi offers a professional platform where contributors can (1) enhance their portfolios and resumes while simultaneously highlight issues that are important to them; and/or (2) effectively distribute information on issues they represent, are involved with, or care about. We win since we receive high-quality articles to distribute. Get in touch!


Get in touch if you have any questions, comments or topics you would like to see highlighted: viissi@viissi.com.


Christian Skrivervik

Position: Founder & CEO

Local in: Oslo, Stryn,
Groningen, Reykjavik

Field: Public
International Law, Environmental Law & Sustainable Development


Kena Hinzen

Position: Co-Founder & Chair of Viissi Editorial Board

Local in: Bremen, Groningen,
Tromsø, Rotterdam

Field: Law of the Sea & Maritime Law


Maximilian Bialeck

Position: Vice Chair of Viissi Editorial Board

Local in: Neustadt / Weinstraße, Wageningen,
Stuttgart, Sydney

Field: Environmental Sciences, Policy & Communication